Facilities & Services

Join us and have an experience to remember in our Sports bar on the Lobby Floor. We Screen most sporting events live though we love Rugby Union and theme this in our decorations. Our operating licence allow us to serve all local beers, malt and main brand variety liquors. Breakfast facilities available keeping in mind it is not included in our room rates advertised online. We also provide paid laundry services inhouse. Please arrange requirements with front desk should you require the following services -

Facilities & services

  • Tours and scenery of the island / Bookings
  • Front desk - Breakfast requirements
  • Sports Bar events and social upcoming events
  • Front desk - Motor Cycle rentals
  • Bangala (Night life attractions) events – do and don’ts
  • Laundry requirements
  • Smoking designated areas
  • Arrangements - Taxi and transport services
  • Airport transport / Shuttle
  • Massage and spa parlours and services info
  • Hair dressing and services info
  • Immigration services guidance
  • Local shopping / Banking services / forex exchange / shopping centre info
  • CCTV